DIY fix for Breville PTFE tube with PTC

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Update: Don't do this unless you can find a steel PTC fitting that can handle 200+ degrees. The plastic one I used broke. I would delete this post, but this forum doesn't allow deletes.

Had a Teflon tube coming off the boiler of my oracle start leaking from the ferule. Ordered a replacement tube off eBay from some place in Latvia. After 2 weeks, I received it only to find it was the wrong length. Instead of taking a chance on a longer one from Latvia, spending another $25 (and waiting another 2 weeks) I decided to buy some Push To Connect fittings off Amazon. This way I could use the good part of the original tube joined to half of the (too short) replacement. 4mm PTC fittings were $5 for 10 and 1 day delivery from Amazon. Worked a treat AND now I still have another good tube portion with ferrule (and extra PTC fittings) that I can use to fix any future broken ends.

Thanks to the folks here who inspired the PTC idea. Hopefully this might work for others.