Ditting KR1203 Stopped Working

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Hello everyone. This is my very FIRST post.

I recently (well few months ago) bought a used ditting KR1203 for the sole purpose of grinding turkish coffee for my home based business.
Today I turned it on without beans to clean any remaining grounds form my last run. The grinder worked fine.
Then I turn it off and back on to grind some beans it did not turn on and the on/off light switch was not turning on.
Not sure what seems to be the issue. One thing to note that i always hear a grinding noise towards the end of the grind.
I decided to open it and see if i can clean the burrs. Wow lots of coffee grinds that are stuck in there.
I have not finished cleaning yet.
However, how do i know if the burrs are dull or not?
What else do i need to do to check what is going on with my grinder. I am stuck and sad!!!


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The on off switch on the side of the grinder is a weak point on these, thankfully they are not expensive to replace, always used to carry a spare switch for when mine died
levers levers levers, is there any other way?

okhartabil (original poster)

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Are you suggesting that the issue is the switch itself?


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Probably, as that is the most common point of failure on this grinder
levers levers levers, is there any other way?

okhartabil (original poster)

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Interesting. How easy is it to replace? I am not that handy lol so any guidance would be appreciated greatly


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Super easy, remove the base so you can slide the old switch out, re wire the new switch the same as the old, push into place and refit base
levers levers levers, is there any other way?

okhartabil (original poster)

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Thank you


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Assuming similar design to the 804, there should be a felt ring around the inside lip of the rotating burr carrier. If this is a used machined, there is chance that felt ring is soaked in oil. It is a wear item that cafes might ignore, and if it builds up enough oil, the carrier might not even turn under full load, and that situation would make the machine go into cool-down more often. Someone on this or another coffee forum, who bought a used 804, had that problem and had to replace or clean the felt ring.

So if the switch is not the problem, you could remove the rotating carrier to check the felt belt around it.

okhartabil (original poster)

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This is too much for me lol. But I definitely use a lot of dark roast in my Turkish coffee blend. I am not sure how old is the grinder since I bought used from a coffee shop. Is the attached picture part in there what you are looking for?


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Home use should not be a problem I assume. The person who had a problem bought from a cafe. A cafe might run KGs of dark coffee through one daily.