Difficulty adjusting brew boiler pressure ECM Synchronika

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Hello everyone.

I am the new proud owner of a 2 year old (marketplace find) ECM synchronika. After my Breville died on me, I thought it was time for a nice upgrade. I had enough with my latte milk taking almost 2 minutes to froth! So after a bit of research, I found a nice deal on marketplace for what looks like a brand new ECM sync for half the price.

Got myself a nice little grinder to pair it with. Now trying to setup the brew pressure as I was only getting about 6.5-7 bars of pressure with the blind basket in. After watching WLL video on how to increase the boiler pressure, with the screw underneath the machine, I was having problems achieving 9 bars. What happens is I would turn it clockwise slowly for many turns without any increase in pressure and then, after getting the screw really deep inside the socket, it would shoot from 7 bars to 14 bars and I would hear the pump forcing a lot. Then I would loosen the screw for many turns, and it would remain very high in pressure until the screw was almost out of the socket... Then it would drop again to 6-7 bars. It's like there's no in-between.

I am simply wondering what can cause this. Could it be the OPV valve? The old owner says he *thinks* he never touched it. The machine also hasn't been descaled in about 2 years because the guy said he did tests on his water and was very soft water as he used a filter. I opened the top of the group head and it looks quite clean.

Any help on this matter would be greatly appreciated!
Thanks for reading!

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Probably just a sticking bypass (the valve you are adjusting). It has an o'ring in there, dismantle and lube. Sometimes they free up by themselves if you adjust a few times, but if not, dismantle....

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Marcus202 wrote:<snip>Any help on this matter would be greatly appreciated!
Thanks for reading!
Not the OPV (brass thing with a T-shaped top and a big screw); that is just a safety. You were doing the right thing by adjusting the bypass screw under the machine. Usually, by running it full in and then way out a couple of times, it sorts itself out. But, since you've already done this, my guess is that it is crudded up or has a broken spring. It's easy to remove the pump from the motor to check this out. Remove the hoses and loosen the collar between the pump and the motor. The pump will come right out.

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Thanks for the replies guys, I have tried screwing it all in and back out a few times and it works! Amazing. I can now get to fine tuning my grinder! Very grateful for the help!