DF64 Gen 2 power cord change

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Hi! I just ordered a new DF64 Gen 2 grinder, but it turned out that the 220-240V option only has the UK electric plug. I need an EU plug. Has anybody replaced the power cord for either generation of DF64? I'm mostly wondering if the power circuit can be accessed easily or not, and if there is room for a screw terminal inside the device.


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In Gen1 they use crimped butt terminals to hook up the power cord. https://www.digikey.ca/en/products/deta ... twQAvD_BwE
Quite easy to reach and work on. I don't have a Gen2 but I don't think they would make changes to things that worked well.

Instead of going into the machine, why not just change the power plug? Is that not illegal to do?

ipuustin (original poster)

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Thanks! I'm not sure whether it would be a cleaner option to replace the cord or just swap the plug... you may be absolutely right that changing the plug is the right way to go. I think that's even legal here in Finland.