Descaled boiler before and after

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I recently descaled my R58's steam boiler after about five or six years of light maintenance which did not include any significant cleaning of either boiler. I expected a decent amount of scale. I only discovered how much when I used an endoscope camera to take a peek inside. I completed two rounds with Dezcal then flushed with about 10 cycles of fresh water. See before and after pics below.







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Really good!!
well done

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That's an astonishing before and after difference!
It also appears that there might be a hole in the copper vertical tube in the boiler...
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Wow. What a difference!!!


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good job! Rockets are solid, I have one myself :P


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At first I thought it was a swap, because the housing at the base of the coil looked completely corroded, yet nice and almost newly soldered on in the after-pic. But then I looked closely and noticed the same notches on the housing flange in both before and after pics. That means, the "corrosion" was in fact crusts of scale breaking and flaking!

Great job!


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Wow that is amazing!! A night and day difference. I forgot where I read this but I thought folks say not to descale?


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video with Andrew from Rocket on the topic.

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The concern being if a larger scale particle clogs somewhere in your circuit during the flushing process. Wow what a difference though!