Delonghi Pressure Tube for BES920 ?

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#1: Post by pkreli »

Would it be ok to use a Delonghi pressure tube to replace the "T-tube shower head to needle valve" pressure tube in BES920 ?

The original part in BES920 is this : ... 77332.html ... /bep920btr

Shipping cost to UK is $40. So I want use this instead which I already have :

Both seem identical (same material, length and diameter, ie ptfe, 23cm length, 4mm external, 2mm internal diameter, brass bushes at ends).

The only difference is the Delonghi doesn't have the brass tube support insert/ferrule at both ends. I tried to take the ferrule out of the old and put inside the Delonghi tube ends but its too tight and I was concerned I may damage the Delonghi tube if I forced it; not sure if I can heat the tube end with hair drier to insert the ferrule.


#2: Post by mcudogs »

You could just buy the bare tube and reuse the fittings. Ebay has the tube ... media=COPY