Decent DE1 handle cosmetics

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#1: Post by bznelson91 »

They (Decent) tell you not to do it. Don't get the black wood handles. But I didn't like the purple resin, so I said "I'll be gentle to them, they'll be fine". Not even two weeks in, my portafilter handle was looking pretty banged up from dumping pucks etc. I don't have any "before" pics, but trust me.

So, I decided to do a very, very low budget fix. I already had some black Plasti Dip rubber spray coating in an aerosol can. I used some 200 grit sandpaper that I also had on hand, and knocked off as much of the black paint as I could without really getting rough with it. The sanding is really just to get the surface ready for the paint anyway. Here's what it looked like after the sandpaper and a wipe with alcohol prep pads to make sure all oils are off:

Next, I took a cardboard tray from a canned soda multipack, poked a hole in the bottom, turned it upside down, screwed the handle into it, and took it outside. I began by applying a light primer coat, and then multiple heavier coats spaced about 30 minutes apart. I don't recall the exact number, probably 6 to 8 coats after the primer. Here's the finished product. It's a bit "textured" in appearance, probably due to uneven coating/sanding, but it kind of adds character :)

Again, it's a super low budget hack, but it made a very durable coating that holds up to puck knocking, and it also feels more "sure" in the hand. I don't even use the other handle on the machine (as a lot of people seem to do), so I only had the one handle to "fix".

At some point, maybe I'll get a fancy wood handle with a more durable finish, but for now, my Plasti Dip handle is nice and gets the job done.


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#2: Post by Ging3rBen »

Looks decent...

Pretty sure you can get black resin handles with new machines from them now. I agree the purple ones are a bizarre business decision, quite polarising and whilst subjective they look hideous to me

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#3: Post by RapidCoffee »

Very nice! But... what the heck have you been doing to that poor portafilter? My 5yo black-handled DE1 PF is still in decent shape:

Periodically I'll do a ghetto touchup with a black Sharpie (clearly it's time :oops:), but not every two weeks...

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#4: Post by Jeff »

John and I have portafilter heads and castings from the v1.3 and earlier days. My impression is that the quality of both have not been kept up as suppliers changed. Even with the earlier handles, the black paint was not as robust as one would hope.

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#5: Post by Dartiguan »

I found this an interesting post. I have to echo the previous comment of @RapidCoffee though who queries what your coffee making approach is like. My DE1 has 5001 extractions/activations now, after 2 years+ ownership (just checked as Decents keep a record in software of useage) and my handle is still quite 'Decent' with the exception of a mark on the top of the handle. If I did decide to sand and repaint it, I think I would go for a clear coat polyurethane cover as the timber seems to be oak grained and would look quite appealing. My side handle is the top of a V2 Decent tamper as the ergonomics of the original side handle did not work for me.