Crossland CC1 Silicone tubing steam

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#1: Post by adamkaz »

The silicone tubing has cracked and needs to be replaced. It doesn't look like I can just buy a length of tubing and replace it, the ends fit around the nozzle just in front of the nut threads. Is there another component or tutorial to make this repair correctly?

Ignore the plumbers tape, I was desperate!


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You can just buy a length of this tubing and replace it. That tubing stretches over the brass nipple and then the nut holds it down tightly. Just push the tubing on firmly and it will go on.

adamkaz (original poster)

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Will do just that. Thank you!

adamkaz (original poster)

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I just cut a tiny bit off the end of the existing line, removed the damaged bit of line from the nipple, and reattached the fresh cut and no leaks. Sweet. Thanks again