Correct drivers for Phidget 1048_0

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The laptop I've been using for several years with my Huky roaster finally died so I'll need to install Artisan along with the drivers for my ancient 1048_0 Phidget on the new Win 10 laptop. I'm looking at Phidgets and see the latest version is now 1048_2B. I wonder if the drivers would even work on my old unit. It looks like they still have legacy drivers. Anybody know if this is the driver I'll need for Windows 10 and my good ole 1048_0? ... th_Windows

Thanks for any help.

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I'd suggest using the latest version of the control panel.
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thusband (original poster)

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Yes, I assumed because my Phidget was old it needed legacy drivers. Not the case I guess because I uninstalled the old one and installed the most recent drivers. Looks like it's up now.