Converting a European 240v espresso machine to US 110v, what do I need to know

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Hi all,

I've recently bought a Grimac La Uno from Italy, it's a e61 grouphead machine and it needs a bit of tlc. I've repaired a couple espresso machines in the past so I'm familiar with the basics of heating elements and gasket replacements but this is a bit of a step up for my skills, I plan on replacing the heating element for a 110v one, but other than that what else should I know before jumping into this project?


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Have you thought about buying a converter box, and just plugging that into the wall, and the machine into the box?

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Yes, but counter space is the main issue, the machine is already bigger than I anticipated so trying to minimize space as much as possible.


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Depend if is economically and practically convenient, but the parts you need to change to adapt to the 110v are:
1) heating element as you already mentioned
2) vibratory pump
3) group head 3 way solenoid valve
4) refill boiler solenoid valve
5) the electronic board suitable for volumetric dosing and auto refill of the boiler
6) if any, some lights

Probably a converter box as suggested, could be the easiest and cheaper way.


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You could ask a electrician to see about replacing a power outlet wired for 240 volts. Change the plug and you are done.
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You're going to have a hard time finding all needed parts at used prices but all in good enough shape to be worth it. Buying all needed parts new would be much more expensive than just buying a used machine that you actually want and repairing it.

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Thanks all for the replies,
it's starting to look like i'll need to make some space in the counter for a voltage converter. Today I went over the schematics and opened the machine, at first it doesn't appear too complicated (heating element, 3 solenoids and the water pump which I can find all combined for less than 200$). The issue is finding this level regulator box made by Gicar in 110v, it seems to either be sold out or back ordered and also the price is a bit too much for it to make it worth it (seems to go for around 200 which would bring the total cost of the conversion to 400 :? ) I don't have any knowledge or experience working with this regulator box, so any knowledge would be welcome, also I'm wondering if it's something that could be swapped to a different model and what would I need to look for? or maybe a more silly question but could I somehow diy or open this box to swap whatever component is 220v and find a 110 replacement?


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Not sure 100%, but maybe it's enough to replace the transformer of the auto refill board.
I never did it but all the board components are dimensioned for the transformer low voltage value so installing a new transformer with the same low voltage value and power ( VA) could works.
Maybe others with better electronics skill can give you more info.

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To the OP; Not knowing what component is what makes me vary wary of the likelihood of opening individual components swapping out pieces and coming out of surgery without fuses flying or electrical fires happening. I'd drop the idea, getting 220V is the least involved and least hazardous solution that leaves you focussing on the TLC part of for the machine, which is likely going to keep you busy for a while anyhow.
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Yes, you could easily convert the Powerboard, it would be as simple as changing the transformer, and hopefully labeling the powerboard and machine to record the changes, but if you're going into this not already knowing this, are you sure you want to do it? Sorry, I know I sound like a wet blanket stomping on your dreams, but look at the questions you've asked so far.