Converting espresso machine over to using an external tank?

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My current setup I have some seriously overhanging cabinets/short counter tops and my Anita is fairly heavy and unwieldy. I had planned on buying a machine that came with an external tank, and stumbled across a deal on my current machine so I just adapted the idea there.....but i had a few questions?

Right now I just snake the 2 tubes out of the machine and instead of down into the back where the inboard tank goes, they come over the side and into a gallon jug of water (the water jug is lower than the machine and it all seems to draw and work fine). Is there any worry with doing this, possibly damaging my pump, etc?

I buy distilled water by the gallon and dose it with baking soda/epsom i can just change out the gallon jug with a fresh one as needed...and while its super convenient its not the prettiest set up ever....does anyone know a good source to buy a nicer looking glass/plastic container (similar to one like on the ECM Puristika?)

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Sometime ago I found this thread while searching about a similar subject. Passing it on in case it is of any interest for a possible alternative solution.

You would need a pump I think.

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thx, thats interesting but way more than i was looking to do at my current house/setup

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scottycoyote wrote:Is there any worry with doing this, possibly damaging my pump, etc?
No, but if you want to be cautious, install a check valve (or a "foot valve") to prevent air from entering the line.
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I use "Pyrex Round Wide Mouth Media Storage Bottle with GL45 Screw Cap - Borosilicate Glass Bottles with Caps - Premium Scientific Glassware for Labs, Classrooms or Home Use Glass Container, 1L" for making my water mixes, but at $25 each, that's a lot to pay for appearances. I also remember needing to refill my Anita water reservoir relatively often, so 1/2 gal or 1 gal may be less of a hassle to deal with.

There are various funnel arrangements allow the internal reservoir to be filled without moving the machine. I haven't seen a slick setup for monitoring the water level with an external sightglass or similar.

You might find something at a place like The Container Store that has sufficient volume, a drillable cap or a spout you can snake the tubes through, and is more attractive visually.


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On my Silvia I extended the two hoses to the reservoir to a 5 gallon bottle bottle under the table. I never had a problem the two years I had the machine and the present owner uses the same system another two years.
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Is there any worry with doing this, possibly damaging my pump, etc?
Nope, no worries; for a while, I did exactly that with my Magister Stella.

For a nice container, check out florists supplies. We have a nice, clear, cylindrical one that looks very much like the one on the Puristica (but you'd have to make some sort of lid to keep dust out). You might find something at IKEA too. Also, check out Amazon; I've seen several that would work for me, as I'd rather not have a huge container, but maybe not big enough for your needs. How about a rectangular one, like this ... AUZ7&psc=1 It should tuck in nicely alongside your machine.