Convert Bezzera Magica Vibratory Pump to Rotary Pump

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I purchased my Bezzera Magica from iDrinkcoffee a few years ago and am quite happy with the espresso it produces but my good wife complains about the noise of it starting up in the morning and the rattle of the vibratory pump.

In addition, plumbing the unit into the waterline would be a nice option.

I am regretting that I did not opt for the Mitica version of this machine to take advantage of the rotary vane pump option.

Is there any way for me upgrade my unit to a rotary pump a la Mitica Top configuration?

Looking at the schematic diagrams, it certainly looks feasible but would appreciate hearing from someone who has actually done it.

I see that I'm not the first to ask this question...

This older thread took a decent dive into the topic but it then dwindled away unfulfilled:
[Project] Bezzera Magica - conversion to rotary pump

Any advice or comments appreciated.


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If you have space, then yes. The water treatment stuff can all be mounted to the wall in your cupboard under the machine, the pump can be mounted to a paving stone (Perhaps even a really thick, heavy tile) and sat on a thick rubber mat to make it wonderfully quiet, even on a shelf that would act as a sounding board normally.

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eheffa good wife complains about the noise of it starting up in the morning and the rattle of the vibratory pump.
I had a similar problem and took this more extreme solution:
HB wrote:...I prefer rotaries if only because they're quieter. Then again, if you're not shy about violating the terms of your warranty, there's always "outboarding" the vibration pump. 8)

Outboard vibration pump is quieter than most inboard rotary pumps
By the way, you can avoid the annoying startup by "topping off" the steam boiler right before you shut it off for the day by drawing water from the water tap. That will force a refill. It's not a bad idea to flush the boiler anyway to avoid mineral concentration and scale.
Dan Kehn

eheffa (original poster)
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Thanks Dan,

I've already violated my warranty. ;-(

I've seen this setup in some of your other posts. It struck me as being less elegant than 'simply' replacing the V-pump with a rotary. (The machine case is capable of accommodating the bigger rotary pump) BUT in fact your solution may represent a simpler option overall.

I suppose if I were to plumb the unit in, I would have to have some similar under-counter plumbing configuration anyways.

Looking at your setup here, it prompts some questions:

1. You have a plumbed in fresh water coming from your household plumbing, allowing you to dispense with the water reservoir in the machine? If so, where does the excess water bleed from the OPV go?

2. Do you employ some sort of quick connect to connect the braided tubing (Labelled "to machine and gauge") to the machine. I take it this tubing connects to the OPV inside the machine?


eheffa (original poster)
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Thanks John,

I see that both you and Dan are suggesting a more conservative solution with outboarding the V-Pump. That may be the simplest solution apart from simply selling my machine and upgrading to Rotary Pump machine...