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Wow! Great modern look with the vintage groups!

Can we expect more picture of the finished project anytime soon?
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Been a while since I gave an update.

Redid the hot water out circuit so it gets mixed with the cold water coming in.
Added a very long cooling coil to the pressure gauge so it stays below the gauge's operating temp.
Added tension rods from the top of the group head to the chassis to stiffen the group when pulling the lever. Less stress on the group cylinder and gasket.
Powder coated the group head parts black. And made spacers for the studs so the center cylinder can be decoupled. Now I can use glass and expose the spring which I'll have painted white at some point and put led's inside the glass tube.
Converted the stock shower screen/mounting spacer which was very warped and poorly made to accept an E61 screen and my own tapered spacer.


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Utilized an unused spot on the group body that usually is for a over-temp safety switch for temp sensors.

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Fantastic job. I love the redesign of the frame, the sled-like side supports and curve of the bavk and dide panels.
Swong46 wrote:The first test showed no leaks or faults but I now understand why a pressurestat is so important and a PID is useless in a single boiler machine. At Least now I have a very fancy temperature display :wink:
For a large boiler like this, I agree. For the very small boiler of a vintage Conti Prestina, a PID offers terrific, easily set temperature controls when you change coffees.

What I WOULD do for a good cup of coffee!