Conti Empress project begins again

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Well over twenty years ago I began to restore a vintage Conti Empress 2 lever group. I had achieved quite a bit of progress de-scaling the tank and the attendant plumbing painting the frame. Now I don't even remember details of how I got it just that a friend knowledgable in the trade assisted.i recently extracted it from my ex wife possession and now My goal is to get it rebuilt and running not a cosmetically beautiful "princess". Originally she was a gas fitted machine but was electrified when I obtained it. Image

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As the empress sit facing Barista


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An Empress is a fine machine. I have never seen a 2 group Empress.

I know what it's like to get something back from an ex....years ago I reclaimed an electric kettle from an ex and was absolutely chuffed....and it had to be repaired before I could use it! A 2 group Empress is indeed a score.

All the best with the restoration!
It would be great to see photos before, during and after the restoration.


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Just saw the new photo...WHAT A BEAUTY!!! :D


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ImageHere is the front of the Conti


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Yesterday the site would not let me post pictures as I was new so today I am trying againImage This is how I had cleaned up the frame and boiler 20+ years ago.


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It will be a while till I can fire it up I have to wire it up test gauges and I am needing to get the rubber or plastic valve disk for the steam and water control faucets; it is the black disk in this photo. Anyone know where to get those?Image

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Just off the top of my head...check with Rudi at Cafe Parts?


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They're not available any more, i just made my own from 2-3mm silicon sheet. Orphan espresso used to sell a seal kit for these, but no longer. There is a thread on kaffee-netz which shows the seal dimensions, but i'm on holiday now and don't have access to it. The seal in the end piece is a common red valve seal used in lots of machines, still available, but it is too long, just cut off the excess with sharp knife or razor blade, and flip it round so un-cut surface for sealing . I'll try and be more helpful when back from holiday if you're still looking

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It's a bummer that Allan Bros don't sell parts for these anymore either. But I don't think it'll be insurmountable getting it back into good running order. Hang in there and good luck! I'll be following the progress.