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Equipment doesn't work? Troubleshooting? If you're handy, members can help.

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thanks for the helpful Suggestions all for the seal I need ! I contacted Café Parts and they are checking to see if they have something.


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The end plug gasket i think i can replace however the disk one is proving more difficult to locate.


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Returning to a project 20 years later must bring back (hopefully) happy memories. Boiler looks amazing.

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These cool Empress steam and water valves are reasonably easy to rebuild using stock rubber sheet and cord from mcmaster carr. Make sure you use a high durometer cord on the end piece and specify "high strength EPDM" for the sheet to make the big discs. high strength has a higher temp rating. i used center punches to cut the discs. EPDM might work best since silicone rubber may be too soft. also, for those end seals I think the old Faema E61 machines use some that are a direct fit and really hard durometer, but a length of cord and a square foot of sheet do a lot of valves.
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