Compression Sleeves

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I've recently been restoring Single-group Italian Espresso machines as a bit of a hobby. Mostly it involves testing components, replacing some (mostly gaskets and seals, and a certain amount of polishing. However I sometimes come up against a really bunged up copper tubing. - sometimes so bad they need replacing. The larger E-61 ends usually have solder-on mushrooms, which are available through Stefanos - like the following:

Often the other end is a compression sleeve - and commonly they are asymmetrical, high quality sleeves like this:

Unfortunately, I can't locate these anywhere. I asked Stefano, and he only has metric versions of the typical symmetrical sleeves, like this:

As you can imagine, the nuts for Asymmetric sleeves are quite different than those for symmetric sleeves.
Has anybody come across this issue, and located a source for these asymmetric sleeves? The one pictured is from a QuickMill Vetrano, and it's a work of art compared with the usual symmetric sleeves
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I have no idea who is this seller, but maybe you can search deeper. ... ct_id=1868
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Giampiero - Actually I found them online, and they have some sleeves that look somewhat asymmetrical (and metric) so I already have them on order. I'll see what they look like when they arrive. Good catch! If they look decent I'll post the info online for future seekers.