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#11: Post by cafeIKE »

ALWAYS number the wire connectors BEFORE doing anything. I mark all connections to elements, pumps, sensors, ETC. before having at it

There's probably a label on the far side of the control box. Can you get a photo?


#12: Post by DeuxInfuso »

Could be sticky relay contacts in control box... sometimes black "smoked" signs are visible thru clear shroud, sometimes not. Try gently prying off cover to access points. Inspect with 10x hand lens... I take thin sliver of wood, bamboo works well, shaved thin. Glue a 4x10mm scrap of 400 grit paper w/ sliver of hot melt glue, making a micro file. Clean both sides of points, just till smooth, there is very good silver-cadmium alloy in the contact metal, you dont want to remove it all, then blow all dust out, and add wee dab of silicone grease to reduce future oxidation rate (more useful for high current relays). Cleaning contacts can sometimes fix sticking points, but you may consider acquiring a new box, regardless, in case it is an IC logic or other malfunction... can't risk going without espresso waiting for parts, right?
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