The case of the missing vacuum breaker

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#1: Post by Marcelnl »

Yesterday I was filling the Urania boiler while it was hot, something I do sometimes....I heard a plop, shrugged and contonued, and removed the pump hose when I was done.

This morning I switched on the Urania, approx 20 minutes of eager waiting later the group was hot, but no I started looking closer (as far as possible in the pre coffee time of day) and noticed steam was coming out of the top, filling the dome on top.
After switching off I lifted the dome, and noticed the stem of the vacuum breaker is missing.....not a clue where it went but I assume it went into the boiler...

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Marcelnl (original poster)
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#2: Post by Marcelnl (original poster) »

meanwhile I found the valve-stem piece and mounted it again, it was stuck in the T piece on top of the boiler (could not make the bend).
Everything mounted again and coffee in my cup :D
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#3: Post by pizzaman383 »

Did the c-clip rust enough to fail?
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#4: Post by BaristaBoy E61 »

At least you didn't have to go fishing in the boiler for it.
How can you prevent it from happening again? Is it a C or E clip as pizzaman383 mentioned?
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#5: Post by cafeIKE »

Replace the cheeso clip type with these. Never fail and easy refurb with a new o-ring.
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Marcelnl (original poster)
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#6: Post by Marcelnl (original poster) »

the root cause is far more mundane....I removed the circlip when the valve got sticky about a year ago, and lost it...and I replaced it with a few layers of shrink tube...planning to replace the whole valve anytime the valve was as good as new after turning the O ring around and cleaning it so it never got to replacing it.
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