Bunn G3: Can't Adjust Grind Thickness or Remove Burr Assembly

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I just recently purchased a Bunn G3 on Facebook Marketplace for $50. The original owner said it's had a life as a cafe machine and it cannot adjust grind thickness. I've had an easy time working with the unit up until now. As of now, I'm stuck sitting here since the augur/carrier is completely stuck. It still will rotate on the shaft (but not independently), but it will not move up or down at all. I don't think this augur is OEM going off of looks, so if I have to disassembly anything else to get rid of it (and the shaft it's on if needed), that is an option to me.

Any and all help would be appreciated, this unit seems to be in great shape otherwise :(

Photo of the augur with the plate and cap removed (it was aligned when I got it, not anymore due to spending an entire day trying to get it out):

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Can you push the augur/burr mount back onto the shaft? Sometimes the slot in the shaft develop burrs on the edges and if that's the problem and you can push it back, you might be able to remove the burrs and then it might just slide off.

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No. It is completely stuck vertically.

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What's the chance I can drill at it? I'm sure the shaft is going to need replacing and I'm already going to replace the augur and burrs anyways.


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I think you have an older G3 (most likely a mid-late 80's) which has a cast iron burr chamber and different burr carrier. If that's the case the motor shaft is a single piece and will not be replaceable. I have attached some photos to show the difference. I would try putting the bolts from the faceplate in the burr carrier from the back and try to use them to remove the carrier. If the carrier is stuck due to coffee residues heat is a great help too.

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I'm guessing I'll probably need a heat gun as my hair dryer is of no use for this.

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If it's all cast Iron, you could probably also use a propane torch if you're careful. Just try not to heat up the shaft, just the outer piece. Was it like that when you got it, or did it get stuck while trying to remove it?

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I'm pretty sure it's been like this before I got it, as the original owner said that it couldn't adjust grind sizes.