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#11: Post by JmanEspresso »


Wow.. I REALLY REALLY like the Flat black!!! Its kind of old meets new. And the woodwork.. as always.. looks great!

If you've got an electric stove.. I say, chuck the stove, and plug in the machine! You can always order out.. And with a machine like that, who needs food?! Seriously though, I hope you find a way to get power to it.. you've done a marvelous job on the restoration.

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#12: Post by mhoy »

Juanjo wrote:wood is done:)
Are those spalted wood handles of some kind? They sure look interesting!


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Juanjo (original poster)

#13: Post by Juanjo (original poster) »

Hey Jeff,

thanks, don't know what my wife is going to think about ordering out so I can have that machine plug in.. :D
BTW, IF I get to plug it in you are welcome to the "grand opening" :)

yes, I bought that wood some time ago and not 100% remember its name, but I think is spalted Maple wood.


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#14: Post by Bluecold »

Looks like these groups allow helping the spring. Nifty design.
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Juanjo (original poster)

#15: Post by Juanjo (original poster) »


there was a 220V outlet in the basement, next step is bring it up to the 3th floor :D
Tuesday an electrician is coming to connect the 220V line.. HURRRYYYY!!!!
I'm having a proud moment :)

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#16: Post by orphanespresso »

Excellent! But...Juanjo, where's the coffee?

I bet Tuesday can't come soon enough!


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#17: Post by espressme »

Wonderful work and thank you for returning a great machine to use!
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#18: Post by hperry »

Bluecold wrote:Looks like these groups allow helping the spring. Nifty design.
The group does allow for that. I've found the spring to be good enough that it isn't required and generally reduces the quality of the shot.
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#19: Post by Speed-oh! »

Wow, as a novice I can't imagine the work that went into this but I love it. Very impressive!

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Juanjo (original poster)

#20: Post by Juanjo (original poster) »

hey THANKS..

sorry but I couldn't wait till Tuesday.. :)

this thing is amazing..
I can use the same grind setting and tamp like for any HX pump driven machine...

Barb, here is one of the many shots I already have this morning..

as good as it looks ;)