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JRising wrote:Wait, your steam valve (For the steam wand) is leaking 100% of the time? That would be a reason your boiler isn't building enough pressure to close the vacuum breaker...

From all of the above posts, it seems obvious that you have several issues and will need to tackle each of them in turn...
The boiler is obviously overfilled, but you may need to fix the steam valve leak first, to have control over it, but also leave it opening while tracking down the boiler-overfill issue. Almost certainly your brew circuit is leaking to boiler causing the overfill, clean/inspect the boiler-fill valve. Replace if it leaks after cleaning.
Once you think boiler-fill solenoid valve is repaired, empty boiler and allow the machine to refill it. If it stops at a reasonable level, let it heat and see if vacuum breaker is working as normal or still constantly hissing.
What you find after the first couple steps will determine the next.
Thanks John

I will take 1 thing at a time until I get this fixed.

Not 100% of the time. Steam from leaks only when I pinch that hose that I think then prevents flow to the drip tray.

The steam boiler does not refill on its own. If I remove the electrical input to the probe it will refill. I have a new probe on order. Cleaning the old one did nothing.

I will clean or replace the solenoid and see what happens.