Breville/Sage Oracle - hot water spout: not pulling water

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Hi All

I have a Breville Oracle from 2018. It works flawless except for the Hot Water Spout not delivering any water at all.

When pressing the hot water button, the machine sounds like it should; pump running, but nothing comes out of the spout.
it continues like this for about 1.5 minute then it stops and return to normal state.

Over the years I have kept it in mint condition, using filtered water only, regular cleaning it, descaling a couple of times a year etc, so there is no visible residues, calcium limescale or anything like that anywhere to be seen.

I followed the advice here:
Breville Oracle | Hot Water Spout Does Not Work

Using Jonathan Audy's fantastic YouTube video, I managed to disassemble and clean all 3 solenoids. Not that they actually needed it; they were all three clean as a whistle.
I can't find any digram/drawing or video on the internet showing how to disassemble the hot water spout (spare parts diagram calls it "Americano Spout")

do you guys have any idea what to do from here?
any advice is highly appreciated!