Breville / Sage Dual Boiler Top too hot to touch

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Hello everyone! Long time lurker, first time poster. It's going to be a slightly long post with some background, so apologies in advance for that!

I bought a Breville Dual Boiler used about 15 months ago. It had just been serviced including a new solenoid, new pump and replacement o rings. All was fine. For reference, I only use bottled water, a type that people in the UK recommend for espresso machines in terms of mineral/calcium/hardness etc.

Recently there was a (very) little leaking from the steam wand. I've seen other posts on this so will probably look to resolve at some point, but it doesn't bother me much in all honesty. More importantly the top of the machine started to get very hot after 15-20 mins of the machine being turned on. The last time I tried to make a coffee there were some strange noises, so I turned the machine off. I turned it back on and the digital temp gauge went straight to 120 (normally 93) so I quickly turned everything off.

So I let it cool down completely and then took the top off. It was very wet/lots of condensation. I waited until completely dry, then turned it on and there was water bubbling out of one of the connectors on the steam boiler (the one with the black wire, not one of the hoses). So I purchased and replaced all the O-rings (BS010 and BS007) across the steam and main boilers. 7 on the steam, 4 on the main. No more leaks.

The yellow neutral wire had also been cut for some reason, so following advice I "re-connected" it with a choc-box, the little white box you see. Hopefully this is ok.

So as of now, the machine works and there are no leaks that I can see. The top, however, still becomes incredibly hot, too hot to touch. The heat is obvious on the right hand side, so I took the top off again and there is a LOT of heat coming off the top of what I believe is the steam wand valve. Note that the top does not get warm if the machine is switched off but still plugged in with the socket switched on.

I've searched but can't seem to find anything on the main Breville Dual Boiler page that refers directly to this, so was hoping someone might have an idea of what I could try! My experience and skill-level is fairly low, but I'm always happy to try as long as I'm sure I'm being safe!

Oh, last thing - I predictably and stupidly lost one of the retaining clips for the hose. If you look closely in 'New Pic 1' that I've inserted two safety pins as a temporary fix - I assume this is safe?!

Many thanks in advance.

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Just bumping to see whether anyone might have any suggestions. Thank you!

MasterMark (original poster)

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Just to add - for the hell of it, I unscrewed the solenoid and there was a very little bit of water underneath. Could that have anything to do with it? Not clear where it could have come from. Whenever I've run the machine with the lid off I can't see anything.