Breville / Sage Dual Boiler o ring, seal, and perhaps pump issues. How to fix?

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Hi everyone, I've bought a Breville Dual Boiler from FB marketplace and was a little too trusting of someone selling it with "no issues" and although it initially worked fine I now have all sorts of issues I don't know how to fix.

Initially it seemed fine but I soon noticed it kept hot when turned off, and I found a thread here that recommended replacing the Traic PCB. Worked a charm.

About two weeks later after hearing a fair bit of hissing I neglected to address I learned I had to replace seals as things were leaking, which is what caused the PCB to fail, and that caused the new PCB to fail, so I replaced the PCB again and replaced o rings.

Replacing the o rings seemed to solve one type of problem to uncover another: the top of the water level sensor and steam wand leak, which I don't know how to fix. Is this a problem and how can I address this? Side note: why are there two water sensors on the same boiler?

This pulled shots for two days despite the leaks shown in the vid but as of this morning it's not working at all: it's extremely loud and does nothing, only dripping water onto the puck. Perhaps it has no water because the water sensor has malfunctioned? I noticed there was a little black soft plug looking thing bouncing around near the pump. Does this belong somewhere?

Seems I'm kinda stuck now... anyone know what to do? Thank you so much for any help!


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Thed above link is for the steam boiler water sensors and o-rings. The steam valve can be disassembled, the internal seals flipped and reassembled with some thread sealer to fix that leak. Also replace any o-rings in the line you haven't already done.

The water flow issue may be sensor related, but I doubt it. It's more likely the 3 way solenoid or the pump/OPM.

cjdixon (original poster)

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OK thank you for the probe kit link.

The water flow issue became apparent almost immediately after other seals were fixed. Does that make any of the 3 way solenoid / pump / OPM more likely than the others? How can I diagnose this before buying a whole lot of new parts / fixing things that might not need fixing?

Looks like I'm facing hours of tinkering / youtube vids / maybe $100 in spare parts... Can all of these issues be reliably fixed?


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Check you solenoid valve for scale blockage. I had a similar low pressure low flow issue with a BES920 brought from flea-bay. Replaced pump & OPV and will have to replace the solenoid.

cjdixon (original poster)

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OK in trying to figure out what you guys were talking about with solenoid valves and OPVs I watched this video where the guy showed how to test the pump by disconnecting the tube from the overpressure valve to the top of the boiler. In doing this I turned the machine on but there was too much water coming out of the boiler for me to continue to keep it on warming up. This hose strangely didn't have an o ring on it so I put one on and reconnected it.

For good measure I tried it again it pulled a shot fine... bizarre. So now I'm confused as I can't replicate the issue yet haven't changed anything. Any idea on what might have subsided as an issue after not being used for a few days?

The water probe replacements seem quite pricey for what they are at $50 and I'm wondering if there's anything I can do to seal it before buying a new part I might not need. Is there any way I can seal it? Do they have to be that specific part?

Also, what's this thing I asked about earlier?. It almost certainly came from the machine and looks like it should be a part of something.


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There have been reports of some limited success at sealing the probe leaks with a high temp food grade silicone. I have not tried it myself.

That part is some kind of rubber "foot" or vibration damper. There may some on the pump mounts? IDK, I have not encountered one in my digging around in the BDB.