Breville/Sage BES980 - won't turn on anymore + LCD remains off

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Hey guys!

I recently came across this forum and wanted to ask you for some advice about my espresso machine. I am aware that this machine is not a great machine, but I still wanted to try to repair it to save it from being thrown away and to save myself some money.
Here is my problem:

First the coffee machine always went out after 20 minutes and the trip switch activated. The steam didn't work properly and didn't heat up properly. Sometimes the steam activated automatically and couldn't be stopped unless I disconnected the espresso machine.
Now the machine won't start at all and the display no longer lights up either. I have replaced the TRIAC board so far, but it still does not turn on. Is there a typical error that matches my problem that can be easily repaired? I have attached pictures of the two remaining boards, maybe you can help me with my problems.

On the small circuit board (board 1), it looks as if the line at the Zener diode at ZD1 is very brown. Or does it still look normal? I have also seen that the inside of the housing and the white adhesive on the board look burnt. Could the problem be at this point? The large circuit board (board 2) looks fine to me. But would that fit my description of the problem? The machine doesn't buzz or make any noise when I try to switch it on.

Here are some pictures of the boards (I marked the boards with 1 & 2). I tried to shoot them in the best possible quality, if you need some more detailed images, please don't hesitate to ask, im very interested in your help!:

Board Nr. 1:

Board Nr.2:

I have tried to describe the problem as best as possible and to take good pictures, please let me know if you need further information or pictures to assess my problem.
Best regards

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From my experience, i've found that safety capacitors cause this. its the large square yellow thing on your second from last pic.
either remove to test or cut one leg then resolder. if it's >10% out of range replace it.

They are there to soak up any surges, but over time - especially if you have a lot of surges where you live, they wear out.

I've not seen an Oracle with this issue before, but i have repaired half a dozen or so bes870's this way

good luck

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Hi JoKa1805 :) A really great machine! Whom ever suggested this is "not a great machine" perhaps is not aware of its incredible engineering and design :)

Would you happen to have any photos of the TRIAC PCB Assembly (mounted under the lid of the machine between the grinder port opening and the CupWarmer in a black plastic box possibly). . .

. . . also, if possible might there be a detail of the following area and component . . .

No power at all . . . lets start with the above and then begin narrowing the possible faults . . . no power at all does narrow it but just want to get a look at everything first :) Brilliant machine!! Well worth saving!

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HI Joka

I have one doing the same thing.
Had a solenoid fail in it after the steam boiler was acting up.
Just got around to repairing the steam boiler triac/optocoupler and redid all the gaskets and got a new solenoid.
Worked for a few days now it won't power on/If it's unplugged for a few days it might power on but the lcd is only visible from a weird angle.
I pulled the main pcb and power pcb apart but they seem to all look good, I'll grab my multimeter tomorrow and probe around, so far im thinking something is up with the AC/DC supply

Does anyone know where the 5v comes from it seems like the power board only has 5 wires AC N/L then GND/12v+/power_off_detect

anyway watching closely

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have you traced the boards 5v line to where it goes. I don't have that model.