Breville Oracle Touch won't show illuminated water level

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#1: Post by VideoGuy »

We purchase brand new Breville Oracle Touch, because the old one broke down. (Breville don't repair this units as of now).

The new unit is identical, however you no longer can see the illuminated water level in the middle of machine. Costumer service people are very confused about this issue, they give me different story every time, I'm traying to get help from them. BTW, they are no help at all, perhaps on purpose?

Any idea? Thank you


#2: Post by Epicurus »

I just checked mine and the water level light is synced to the work lights by the group head. When you change the brightness level of the work lights, they all change at the same time (including the water level light). I'm guessing if yours does not, then its maybe a bad LED light.

VideoGuy (original poster)

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No the LED is OK. I was advised to check brightness level in setting, but it is default for 100%. Also, if I take tank out, I can see the LED lights on the bottom.