Breville Oracle Touch - Steam Boiler Offline (LD06)

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Hey Everyone,

I have had my Breville Oracle Touch for just under two years.
Yesterday the machine just decided that it won't heat up fully anymore, and just gets stuck in the pre-heating stage.

From the various posts I've read on this forum and elsewhere, I did manage to get into the debug mode, and it looks to me like there is an issue with the Steam Boiler.

On the Steam debug screen it seems that LD06 Boiler Status is OFF, so I assume that is why the boiler isn't heating up.

The main boiler seems to be doing ok

Also, when I look at the error screens, I see the following two errors have incremented (I did a reset then powered everything back on again)

I have read a bunch of articles that talk about blowing the fuse on the boiler, so if that seems like the most likely scenario, I would be open to trying to fix it myself, unless you guys advise against that.

I would have to have the unit driven into the nearest big town to have it repaired, as I live in the country.

Any suggestions/advice is appreciated.


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I had the same type of issue. It happened the first time I tried to descale. It errored during the descale process and would not heat up enough to start the machine. It just kept saying "heating" when I tried to restart. I removed the thermometer from the top of the steam boiler and filled it manually and it fixed the problem. I think it may have had some sort of air lock. Hope this helps!


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Appears to be no continuity developing on your Steam Boiler's High Level Probe (Err 20) needed to energize the Pump/Heating Element Systems. Pull the Water Level Probes and check them for scale build up (now would be a good time to replace the o-rings #10 for probes, #007 for high pressure hoses). Once you've cleared your High Level Probe of being the cause of the fault (or cleaned it of mineral scale), if that isn't the issue, pull your water hose that goes from your Steam Pump to your Steam Boiler fitting (about half way down the central side of the steam boiler held in place with a hitch-pin-clip) and check it for any blockages (again, now would be a good time to replace the o-ring on that high-pressure water hose, a #007). If that's clear, your Steam Pump (separate and distinct from your Brew pump so don't get them mixed up), may need to be taken out and disassembled and cleaned/serviced.

Can you hear (or have you heard recently) the Steam Pump trying to fill the Steam Boiler? Also, have you just recently done a de-scale? As sthomp indicated above, if there is descale solution in the boilers that is not completely flushed, this can interfere with development of continuity on the water-level-sensor probes . . . which sthomp brilliantly resolved by adding more water manually to dilute the solution inside the boiler for further flushing. Some people will add fresh water through a probe fitting and then drain the tank one or several times (in BES900 non-drainable dual boilers by siphoning with a hose then refill and siphon out again) as needed until the descale solution no longer inhibits the continuity on the water level probes and the system can energize the pump/heating element systems.

Breville Dual Boiler pumps will usually shut down after 90 Seconds or so as a safety feature to protect the pump's coil and diode from overheating. If you are hearing the Pump trying to fill the Steam Boiler, we're looking for a Blockage in the Steam hoses from the Steam Pump to the Steam Boiler. Your Err 32 could indicate a failing o-ring on your Steam Pump fill fitting hose about half-way down the central side of your Steam Boiler (or just a steam leak from one of the Steam Boiler hoses causing water levels to dip below the probe and generating an Err 32) . . . look for any signs of water/scale/mineral buildup around or just below the fill hose fitting on your Steam Boiler :)

There are some brilliant experts on Home Barista that can add or correct any of the thoughts above once they have chance to read this possible solution . . . Let's start here though! :)