Breville Oracle Touch starting randomly

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Our Oracle touch just started heating up randomly. This is not a scheduled start up. It looks like it's the frothing wand which does not seem to stop trying to dispense air.

See the video:!Atu-dPFHlFIPrKNSihN ... Q?e=iaVEUm

The device is still under warrant but, any thoughts would be appreciated.


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The only reasons I can think of that are the electronics are defective or a water or steam leak is getting some of the electronics wet so it thinks buttons are being pressed.

jrouss28 (original poster)

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Interesting thought. I haven't opened it up because it's still covered under warranty. I will have to see the breville reply Monday. Since then, I did a factory reset.

Thanks for the reply

jrouss28 (original poster)

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Apparently the fix is to do a descale. The descale however blue a fuse in one of the heating elements, which seems to be a known issue. Off to Breville for repair!

Give me the crema

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Apparently sounds like a breville reply. What would descaling have to do with power button or control board functions?

I agree with the previous answer sounds like water/steam/corrosion somewhere something.