Breville Oracle Touch Probe Stems Still Leaking After o-ring Replacements

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#1: Post by MauiMom »

I have the Breville Oracle Touch and I replaced all the top o-rings (the blue o-rings).

I found the probes were *still* leaking from the center (not from the blue o-rings). I found info about changing the second, smaller, o-rings that are inside the probe, under the ceramic piece and ordered them and replaced one of one. I found getting the teeny-tiny little c-clip back on (atop the probe), very difficult, so I decided to test before trying to replace the second one. I have a video here and you can clearly see that both are still leaking.
See photos of o-rings I purchased. The o-rings I received were very stretchy, I'm not sure if perhaps that's why? Maybe stiffer rubber is needed? I ordered different o-rings, just to see if that made a difference, but any help to diagnose the issue would be appreciated. It's been two plus weeks with no coffee.

I've considered replacing the probes, but they seem welded on, so I wouldn't know how to begin to undo that.

I've done a lot of searching on websites and video and I think I've reached a dead end (unless the replacement o-rings work, but given my record, I doubt it, plus it seems others have had success when they change these...

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MauiMom (original poster)

#2: Post by MauiMom (original poster) »

These are the replacement o-rings I purchased.

The white ones are the very stretchy ones, the one I used on the probe and it didn't fix my issue.

The rubber colored ones are on their way...


#3: Post by canatto »

A couple thoughts. Did you give the parts a good cleaning in citric acid bath, as well as cleaning the sealing surfaces on the boiler? Usually wherever there is a leak there is mineral build up that can hinder a seal. It would be a good idea to give all sealing surfaces a thorough cleaning and ensure they are free of mineral build up.
Sometimes where the bubbles exhibit may not be where the leak is. The steam escapes from a steam boiler can be invisible at the exact exit, then some of it cools down a bit at a surface nearby, becomes liquid water and boils off again, giving off bubbles, and makes that object look like where the leak is.
That said I'm not dismissing the failure of the lower seal on the probe.


#4: Post by Dwfender »

Hey MauiMom

Did you end I getting a solve for this? Mine is having the same issue at the moment.

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MauiMom (original poster)

#5: Post by MauiMom (original poster) »

I WAS able to fix my machine, YAY! I am going to make a video as some point, I have bits and pieces, but need to edit together. In the mean time, this video was the one that was the most helpful. It's the INTERNAL o-ring in the probe (not the top blue one) that was the issue. I got very comfortable taking things apart in there and so forth. Don't be intimidated, Breville support was non-existent.

Oh one thing I did was, once I removed the probe, I put the probe in my jewelry ultrasonic cleaner with a bit of vinegar and that helped dislodge some mineral deposits in the probe (I propped it up so the electronics-end was not submerged). That combined with changing the smaller internal o-rings did the trick.


#6: Post by ameldilovic »


you say you replaced the internal white ORing with one of these ... ct_details ? 5mm OD 2mm ID 1.5mm

In the above posts, those white rings you mentioned are stretchy and did not fix the issue? Am I missing something?


#7: Post by Skyypayne »

So the maroon orings 007 worked for you? I purchased them and they are too big to fit in that ceramic cylinder and seem loose around the probe stem. Any confirmation would be great thank you!


#8: Post by Skyypayne »

If anyone else is following this the way I was but haven't jumped the gun yet, I would avoid buying those Amazon maroon orings. They are too big to fit in the ceramic and won't clear the entry into the boiler. They will rip or be cut every time. The size that is needed is 006 , granger industrial supply has part number 1REC1 which is the exact size needed. Size 010 or part number 1REC5 for the replacement blue oring on the top.

Anyone know the size of the c clips by chance? I lost all but one inside the machine .