Breville Oracle Touch not heating up beyond certain point - Not steam boiler but brew boiler

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Hi all,

I have a BS990 and since now I'm clearly out of warranty period problems arise more frequently. Now, as many i'm facing the issue that the temperature would not exceed more than approx. 70C.
There are a lot of tricks on how to overcome that issue but none worked for me. I did the 45 degrees tilt while powering on, left the descale valves open over night etc. Even removed pipes from the boiler and filled it up manually with water.

I guess my temperature fuse is burnt. But now I'm kind of confused as all reports I found on the internet have issues with the steam boiler and that is also where the temp fuse is located.

But in my system the steam heats up successfully but the brew boiler does not heat up. So i'm not sure if that is the same issue and since the change process is very very long and complicated i would like to be sure this is the right issue. Is there only one heat fuse or are there heat fuses for both boilers?
Does anybody know.

And, what characteristics/value does the temperature fuse need to have? I would like to order exchange parts ahead of time just to be on the safe side.

Dawansch (original poster)

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Quick update and hopefully I can help somebody with this. I will also post picture when I find time to do so.

I dismounted the entire machine to get to the steam temperature fuse. Unfortunately you cannot directly measure it, as the brown cable is attainable from the top which leads to one side of the fuse but the other side goes into the heater. Measuring blue (neutral conductor) against brown always showed me an open for some reason.

Once i had the entire machine disassembled I could directly measure the fuse. And exactly that happened what I tried to avoid in the first place, it was fine and showed 0 Ohms....

I was super frustrated at that moment, having had the entire machine disassembled which is a pain in the ass and not having found the root issue of my problem.

So I did put everything back together. The next time though, if need to access the fuse I will take the side stainless steel cover off and cut a hole in the plastic side. That is quicker and does not impact optics as the stainless steel comes back on it afterwards. By doing this you have an new servicing window ;)

After I did put everything back in place, which is an even greater pain in the ass as disassembling I did something which I should have done in the first place.

I searched for a temperature fuse on the brew boiler, which in fact is present (picture to follow). And of course, it is directly reachable without huge disassembly frenzy.... And the fuse was dead... At least problem found. It's a 133C 10A fuse and I had only 172C exchanges at had so i used one of those. I will re-exchange once i receive 133C which I ordered.

Now my machine works again - im super happy. Kind of sad Breville/Sage is not handing out more technical information, this would have saved me hours of work


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Bummer, This just happened to me too, I am under warranty though so, they are repairing it.


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Dawansch wrote:Now my machine works again - im super happy. Kind of sad Breville/Sage is not handing out more technical information, this would have saved me hours of work
Kind of a joke that Breville 'engineers' are a bit off in their designing/understanding as there are lots of owners having the same sort of issues and have for years. The very thing they tend to recommend (descaling) is to blame for a good bit of it from all the complaints I've read. They do build a solid knockbox though as that's all I'll ever own from them.