Breville Oracle Touch - Need to debug and repair heating issues

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Hi folks, my oracle touch is ~2 years old, and starting earlier this year it's been getting a bit finicky with the heating. We have very hard water in this area, and for the first year I was a bit hands off on the maintenance. Changed the water filter maybe once the first year, didn't back flush often, ran the espresso cleaning tablets maybe 3x, no descaling. Since the issues started earlier this year I've begun changing the filter every 2 months, cleaning once a month, and descaling every 3 months. Most of the time the machine runs very nicely, I love the espresso and milk drinks it produces and have made at least one drink a day for the last 2 years.

Sometimes after using the both boilers the sensor temp climbs to 199°F and stays (not to 200°F) so the machine isn't able to run. I usually have to wait for it to cool down, power back on and then it gets to 200. I've had issues with mechanical clicking noises in kind of a rapid fire succession, thinking the solenoid(s) may need cleaning. I opened the top today intending to clean out the solenoids and I appear to have a bigger problem than I thought. There is a good amount of "steam" maybe escaping into the unit and it's rusted some screws.

Lately I've noticed excess steam escaping through the back vent, and some water dripping down the front face of the machine coming from a seam near the top right corner. I wonder if the steam boiler is leaking, or some connection near that area.

Hoping folks here may have some typical areas I can check and parts to replace to fix this issue. Thanks in advance!

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Ok, took a Dremel with a wire brush and cleaned off as much rust as I could off fittings and screw heads. I've figured out the problem is the connections on the steam boiler. Or at least the connection where the blue wire connects (I can definitely feel steam escaping from that port). Next step is to replace all the o-rings on the steam boiler (will probably do the other boiler at the same time).

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Replaced the gaskets, but noticed that all 3 probes on the steam boiler are leaking out of the top. The red wired one is worst. Steam constantly coming out, and water droplets will shoot out when it's using the steam wand. I don't see any water or steam escaping the two probes on the other boiler.

Do these steam probes have a relief valve?

I'm wondering if it's expected to have some water and steam escaping from them (it's so much that the inside case builds up a lot of moisture when the machine is heated up. I found a set of 3 replacements for $64, and will replace them if need be. Trying to fix this myself instead of sending it back to breville.


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You need to replace the orings at the bottom of the probe insulators or replace the probes.

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Thanks. I did replace the o-rings, and still leaking. Guess I need to replace the probes as it sounds like they should not be leaking.


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There are 2 orings for each of the probes. The large blue ones at the the top and the tiny white ones at the bottom of the insulator. It's the tiny ones that cause the leak between the probe rod and the insulator.

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That is super helpful, thank you. I found this thread which discusses those little o-rings more. I'll move the discussion to that BDB thread.

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