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Brent et al.

This is awesome, thanks. Purchasing now. I hope the link I'm posting works. If it does, it's the sound my machine is making, when turned off but plugged in. Had the machine for 3 years, everything was amazing until just now.

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That's similar to what mine was doing. I replaced 3-4 o-rings and all is well in my coffee world!


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How did you get that clip out? I have tried a ton and cannot get underneath. Why would they put that thing upside down haha. Also where did you get your o rings to replace?


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I replaced all the rings that i bought from Amazon and it temporarily fixed the issue. The noise came back and now the machine will steam whenever it heats up. Unplugging it is the only way to stop it. I have now started a claim with Breville. They paid for me to ship it to them, will diagnose the issue, I can choose to pay for it if they find the issue, and will ship back to me on their dime. If they can't find the issue, I will get a coupon to replace it.

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pearlcustom03, that clip is quite a bugger to get out. I used some long needle-nosed pliers and it was still a challenge. But, stick with it, you'll get it with some patience. And the O-rings are available on Amazon. Here are the ones I purchased but it looks like they are currently unavailable. Just search around on Amazon for similar ones and you should be fine. Also, a VERY SMALL amount of lube on the O-ring will make putting them back in much easier: ... UTF8&psc=1


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Just any assumably lube, or is it a special lube

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I'm guessing that the experts on here will tell you there is a specific lube to use but honestly, after trying to reinsert the lines with the new O-rings for several minutes with little success, I added a microscopic amount of lube that I had for my pool pump. I think you could use vaseline, too, and it would be fine. I used barely enough to coat the O-ring and it went in perfectly.

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Vaseline is at least non-toxic, but it has a very low "melting" point (40-70° C). It is probably functional for this purpose. Dow/Molykote 111 is the typical product used for espresso machines where high temperatures and rubber-like seals or o-rings are involved. A small tube is expensive but enough for a lifetime.

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I knew someone who knows a LOT more than me would provide input. Thank you, Jeff, great info!


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So, I got the clip off and as expected it's at the bottom of the abyss. And the sensor still won't come out. Any advice?