Breville Oracle Touch Leaking

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My Breville Oracle has been making loud grinding noises and often fails to heat to 200 degrees. I'm not quite sure what I'm doing but the grinding noise seemed to be coming from the solenoid that is circled in red in the picture. I ordered a new replacement and reinstalled. It sits very loose. Now when I attempt to make coffee, it immediately begins vibrating, the screw lifts up and it leaks. Any ideas what I did wrong & what I need to do to make this machine work?


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Are you sure you put everything back. Gather all your parts and compare with a image you find online. You might have everything but mixed up the order.

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Hi awipp :) . . . Indeed your picture shows leakage coming from your 2-way solenoid there. That's possibly the grinding noise as well, your solenoid attempting to energize the coil and move the piston/plunger but not being able to maintain the energizing due to a fault in the solenoid somewhere.

You'll definitely need to take your solenoid apart as Give me the crema rightly suggests and check it is assembled properly . . . if you can take some photos of it, that will help here much . . . if the "screw" is lifting up (I assume you mean the plunger body "stop" that screws into the plunger body) it sounds like it may not be assembled fully possibly.

As you can see in the pictures below, the only place water can be coming from is from the "Plunger Stop," a threaded cap that screws into the "Plunger Guide Tube" (body). Other than that, the Plunder Guide Tube/body (that the Plunger Stop threads into) would have to be cracked significantly to produce that much water flow but I'm guessing it might just be your "Plunger Stop" is not fully seated/screwed into place.

. . . here's the few pictures of a 2-way solenoid from a Nuova Simonelli but the basics are the same for yours . . .

Note that in the first picture, there appears to be a gap between the Plunger Stop and Plunger-Guide-Tube-Body . . . this is just because its partially unscrewed and when fully screwed into place, you couldn't fit a hair into that gap ;)