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I hope someone can help me pinpoint the issue I'm having. I believe one of the solenoids has gone bad/clogged, but I don't know which one.

I have the Breville Oracle v1. I know the pump(s) and both boilers work as I can do a shot, as well as activate manual stem wand.

There are two issues that may or may not be related:
  • Hot Water button when pressed does not pour any water. I can hear something like a pump running, but nothing comes out of the spout.
  • Steam Wand in "Auto" mode does not work. Manual functions as expected.
Repair History: I did replace the brew solenoid about 18 months ago (low/no pressure while brewing) and a few of the gaskets about a year ago (leaks at sensor probes and some hoses).

New symptoms started to appear a few weeks ago. A series of loud noises woke me up during the night. Noises would be in short bursts every few seconds. See video link below I found on youtube that has the exact same noise. These noises happen while the machine is powered off, but plugged in. Unplugging stops them immediately. It happened again a week or two later during the day. Then while the steam wand was being used. Then almost immediately as the steam wand was started (but only in auto mode, there is absolutely no issues running steam on manual). Soon after, the steam wand would trigger that noise and produce almost no steam (again, auto mode only). Now, when the auto steam is activated, there is no feedback from the machine, no buzzing, clicking or pump sounds.

I decided to run descale, but I'm unable to complete after the 20-minute portion as the machine is stuck on the "VALV" error code if I push the button as instructed. I did drain both tanks with the descale screws.

Noise (

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If I was guessing, I'd say that's a relay chattering and it's caused by a failing power supply. But, the perfect display makes me think that can't be the problem. Maybe the control board got wet? I'd unplug it, remove the cover if that's a reasonable ask and look around to see if you can see water or anything obvious.


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Hi sabaka33 :)

This is going to take some dialog here but you've found the right place! There are many experts here that are going to be able to pinpoint the fault source (or sources) and one-by-one guide you through full repair :)

Can you open the top and take a video of this noise from the top down locating exactly where the noise is coming from? :)

Here's a pretty awesome video from YouTube creator Jonathan Audy showing a regular Breville Oracle and going after one of the Solenoids (as well early in the video, at about 1 minute and 55 seconds, he points out the 2-way solenoid responsible for the hot water line) . . .

sabaka33 (original poster)

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Thank you for the response.

Unfortunately the noise is no longer present, but it was identical to that video. The issue could be replicated during the steam wand auto operation (and I'm assuming the same component was triggering it while the machine was off). As the auto mode no longer works in any way, I can not replicate it now.

I will remove and clean the hot water solenoid and update this post with results. May take me a few days to find the time to do it.