Breville Oracle fault - 6 years old

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Hi all,

Can anyone advise me on weather this sounds like a major or minor issue.

I've had my Oracle for about 6yrs and it runs and makes coffees just fine... but now it seems only when it wants to. On average probably 1 / 20 coffees it just won't start. I power off at the wall and try again the next day, seems to work.

I'm wondering whether it's going to cost a bit to fix this or thinking maybe she's throwing in the bucket? Might be a simple issue tho?

Thanks for any advice

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How long since you replaced the orings?

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Coffee_LaLa wrote:,,, it just won't start
Your description of the problem is very vague. What does "it just won't start" mean? Are you saying the machine won't power up, or won't brew coffee, or.... (fill in the blanks). It would help if you gave a better description of the issue. Sorry, just commenting as I know very little about Breville machines other than what I read on this forum.
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Hello Coffee_LaLa :)
Coffee_LaLa wrote: I've had my Oracle for about 6yrs . . .
Can you provide the exact Model number (a photo is ideal of the Machine Information labels or the machine itself).
Coffee_LaLa wrote:On average probably 1 / 20 coffees it just won't start. I power off at the wall and try again the next day, seems to work . . .
There are several things that could cause a complex highly engineered machine like this to have power start up issues. Just a matter of narrowing the fault source.

If you can check the Error/Fault Logs please and report back here (pictures of the LCD screens showing the Logs would be awesome!). To access the Service Menu:
  1. Power off the machine (but leave plugged in);
  2. Press and hold the "one cup" + "two cup" buttons at the same time and with these two buttons pressed, also press the "POWER" button.
A beep should sound as "Service Mode" is entered. At that point, the LCD Screen might say something like Fr with two numerals . . . the numbers are the current firmware version on board the Oracle.

Then press the "Select" knob (which should light up if it is not already lit up). Turn the "Select" knob to scroll through the errors/faults in the log. There should be 32 different error/fault listings. If you have a camera or can video the 32 different errors as you turn the "Select" knob, that will assist in having a good record you can review later.

Each Error/Fault log entry will show up as four numbers. Like this
. . .
. . .

If there are no faults/errors recorded for that specific category, the last two numbers will be "00" . . . if there are 9 faults/error recorded for a specific error/fault, it might say something like "2609" and that would be 09 faults/errors recorded for category 26 (the Steam Boiler/NTC Sensor and TRIAC related possible faults). The last two digits will reflect how many faults a category has experienced, so for fault/error category 26 the log could say 2600 (no faults/errors) or 2609 (9 errors/faults) or 2699 (the maximum number of errors/faults were recorded . . . 99, basically a lot, too many lol, time to figure out what's going on with that component/system).

Take care not to delete the error/fault logs until you have a record of them. Deletion of the error/fault logs will occur when the LCD displays "ErSt" and the "Select" knob is pressed for three seconds. "ErSt" will come up on the LCD screen after the end of the 32 error/fault log listings.

If you can, take some pictures of any faults/errors or even just write them down for your records, and report back here any findings and the folks here will be able offer some insights for sure ;)
Coffee_LaLa wrote: I'm wondering weather it's going to cost a bit to fix this or thinking maybe she's throwing in the bucket?
Probably not alot to fix - usually a TRIAC PCB Assbly, Pump, or Solenoid etc. come in around $50 bucks to $100 if hard to source, but certainly much much much cheaper than a new machine and with the brilliant folks here, you can get a fix figured out :)
Coffee_LaLa wrote:. . . Might be a simple issue tho?
Yep, usually is, can be a 49 cent part as luvmy40 suggest above!

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Does the machine make a noticeable click when you press a shot button but then nothing else happens?
What's the service history on the machine and has it ever had the coffee pump replaced?

Coffee pumps are a common failure at around this age, I'd say this is likely the issue.