Breville Oracle espresso machine doesn't heat up to required temperature

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I have an Breville Oracle (not the touch) that is only 4 months old. Today I descaled the machine and now it is having issues heating up. It heats up to 162 degrees, but won't go past there. The machine requires the water to heat to 200 before it will work. I have tested the hot water option and the water does feel hot, just not hot enough clearly. I have tried draining the descale valves but that didn't seem to help. Also have tried turning it off and on, unplugging it, letting it cool before plugging it back in, and resetting it. Nothing helped!

Does anyone have any idea what to do? The machine is quite new so I'm surprised it is acting up!

Thanks in advance for any help!


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Is the steam boiler heating up or do you get 3 beeps and no steam when you open the steam valve?

You likely blew the steam boiler thermal fuse when you ran the descale program. It is a known glitch with the system. The part is cheap, the fix is a PITA. Send it back to Breville on the warranty. They'll fix it or replace it. Then, NEVER RUN THE DESCALE PROGRAM, use non scaling water.

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redlabto (original poster)

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I am getting 3 beeps and no steam when I try to use the steamer, but usually the steamer doesn't work until it reaches 200 anyway. If I blew the steam boiler thermal fuse, wouldn't the water not heat up at all?


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The way the BDB brew water flow and temp control works is a little different than most dual boiler machines. The brew water runs through a heat exchanger in the steam boiler then into the brew boiler/group assembly. there are two PID controller that work in tandem with each other and the saturated group to maintain stability/control. If your steam boiler is not heating, you will never get up to temperature. There may be other issues that would cause a similar symptom, but I'd bet its your steam boiler thermal fuse.

Keep in mind, there is no solenoid on the steam line. Only the manual valve. If the steam boiler was heating up to anything approaching boiling temps, you'd get some pressure at the steam wand even if you got the three beeps alarm.

After thinking on this a minute, I remember someone else having a similar symptom and it was either a temp sensor or the main board the temp sensors plug into that was the problem.