Breville Oracle double boiler o-ring replacement

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Skip the below question I figured it out. Now just waiting for o-rings to install and see if it fixing my overheating problem. (I can't figure out how to delete the question)


I have a steam leaked that seems to be coming form the steam boiler water inlet line. The inlet line is secured by a nut, not a clip. When I try to turn the nut off it is so incredibly tight? Before I go wrenching-it I just want to make sure it's a regular nut with regular threads that turns off in the normal counterclockwise manner. (See attached pic of offending nut if this post is not clear)

(I was given this machine by a friend - the boiler is overheating - runs up to 225F and shuts down. I see the first thing to do it repair any leaks (note the rusty screws).