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toekneeoeeo, sorry for late reply, I'm sure you found a solution by now, but I believe my new thermal fuse came with crimps to apply. So... this fix may only work a few times before all the original wire is eaten up. That's why I say cut as close as possible on the original. Don't go around blowing this fuse too often!


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elcaboing, I assume you also have long since fixed your problem but a higher rated thermal fuse just melts at a higher temp. There would be more risk of permanent damage to other parts of the machine if too high a temp. I'm not sure what the highest safe temp would be.


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pcrussell50, I just came across your mention in the BDB repair thread while looking for some advice on pump and group head leak repair. Quite honored that you called this "heroes work"!! But I must correct you on one point. I am a woman!

Also, yes, this machine suffered a long period of leaks at my workplace. Once I took it home, the first thing I did was replace all leaking o-rings. But I was never able to remove all the hard water accumulation inside. It was only shortly after I took it home, I'm trying to run my first descale, that I blew the thermal fuse. It had been working for a few shots without leaks just before! Imagine my frustration. But all leak free now. Just other common maintenance problems to deal with...


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Very well done, sticking with it. Do not run the descale function any more. It is too risky. Most high end machines (probably all) don't have a descale function. Instead, they expect you to use scale free water. That's what all the shops do, and there is no reason we all can't do it.

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Hi. littleyip, Thank You for the very good WiKi how to change the Stollar's BES980 Steam boiler. I got exactly the same situation, I had to change the the steam boiler and Your example was very helpful. And Yes - the root cause was thermal fuser - it had melter during descaling process. But I have another question - maybe somebody knows the answer:
My BES980 machine asks to descale it very often. During the boiler changing process I made look inside it. My Steam boiler looks like new inside and outside: no any scales. So I have changed the boiler and assembled machine back. I put new water filter. On the next day it asking to descale again. So I know I can descale it once again, but I am sure, that in a day or two it will ask me to descale again.
I would be so grateful if somebody would tell where could be the root cause. Maybe it has some broken sensors? How the machine decides that it needs the descale? Reset procedure does not help, Firmware version is A15.