Breville Oracle (BES980) tamp fan and connector falls out while grinding

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Hi all,

I'm new to home espresso making and got my Breville Oracle last week. I've been learning and enjoying all I can and have made some pretty decent drinks over the past week.

Yesterday I finally got my weighing scale so I wanted to attempt to dial in the shots a bit. I measured that I was getting about 21g of ground coffee and 70g+ of liquid out so I wanted to lower the dose a bit and grind finer. I lowered the grind setting from 18 to 11 and took out and adjusted the tamp fan connector from showing about 2-3 threads to showing about 4-5 threads. Once I put everything back though and started the automatic grinder the machine just kept grinding and wouldn't stop. By the time I noticed it and removed the portafilter I had a mountain of coffee and an almost empty bean hopper. When I removed the portafilter the tamp fan and the connector came out together.

I thought maybe I adjusted the grind setting too much or I didn't put the tamp connector back properly so I tried taking it out and cleaning it a few more times. I also tried adjusting the grind setting back up to 18 but the same thing keeps happening. The machine just keeps grinding and doesn't stop and then the fan comes out with the connector.

Has anyone encountered this before or have a fix? I watched some videos on YouTube and saw some where people had to turn the tamp fan connector counterclockwise to secure it, but I think mine should just be pressed up firmly and then the fan is just attached via magnets? I've wasted quite a few beans already and it's getting a little bit painful :(

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Quick update I managed to fix it today. Turns out after pushing the connector up I had to wiggle it a little bit before it clicked into the groove. All good now!