Breville Oracle BES900 no brew pressure

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#1: Post by IRLrory17 »

Hello there!
I have a real problem with my oracle. When I try to extract a shot there is no pressure because 50 % of the water runs out the hot water spout.
I have tried googling and even searching through this forum with no luck. I have removed a 2 way solenoid the one next to the group head boiler and found a build up of what looks like calcium/limescale on the solenoid and surface where it sits on the boiler. Cleaned this up but still no luck. I also removed the blue coloured solenoid that site on the right of the machine if you are looking at the front and cleaned it up but it looks fine albeit the spring does feel weak not sure how strong it should feel from new. Any suggestions on some troubleshooting steps? Also a probe on the steam boiler was leaning slightly but had a build up of calcium/limescale which made is difficult to remove and I ended up snapping the plastic piece that sits below the clip. Has anyone replaced or resealed these probes on top of the boilers?


#2: Post by Shantastic »

Hey. Sounds like your solenoid might be stuck in a midway position. Try running a 50/50 mix of water and vinegar through your machine. It's what you would use on smaller breville machines and not as aggressive as a full descale. Otherwise you could just replace the solenoid itself. Does your pump sound like it's running normally?