Breville Dual Boiler with IMS shower screen - stainless steel holder and how it affects heat retention?

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#1: Post by Jessipoo »

Hi y'all, I see some of the old posts about the IMS shower screen, though those threads are closed so I have to start a new one. I saw that the brass isn't a good idea but what about stainless steel?

Right now I see 2 available and I think they might be slightly different "combos" put together from non official resellers?

10 hole stainless steel Holder ... 3880&_ss=r
this one specifically says the original screw will work (so I'm thinking it will sit flush?)

VERY BARISTA (they also have a website of their own)
8 hole stainless steel Holder
And then this one that probably most people are buying ... le-cimbali
this one is the only the screen and is nano coated

Anyone bought any of these and is the stainless steel VS plastic better? how will that affect heat retention? corrosion I see won't be an issue as it's stainless steel


#2: Post by alia176 »

This is timely as my plastic inner shower screen thing cracked and need to be replaced. This is the perfect time to upgrade but I'm in the same boat as the previous poster.

Thanks for any insight.


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I use the nano coated IMS shower screen...fits like oem, works great, produces more uniform droplets of water. I recommend this change.

I have also switched to the blue silicone Cafelet gasket...much better than oem one.

As for the ss dispersion block...I think the concept is good, but the actual product could be made just a little better. I bought two but neither one would allow the shower screen to sit perfectly flush. Ended up taking one to a machine shop and had them ream out the recess by one millimeter. As for heat sink vs. the Breville Bakelite oem block...I'm no expert on this.

Hope this helps.
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