Breville Dual Boiler ulka nme pump

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Does any one know if the ulka nme pump can be disassembled like the larger ep5 pump? It's the smaller of the two and I think used for filling the boiler

I took the nme pump out to fix another another problem but when I put it back together, the pump doesn't produce suction any more! I tried to manually prime it with a syringe but to no avail...



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No idea if the pump is serviceable, but that connection is an O-Ring seal and a large PIA to get back together.


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Hi barqy :) The smaller of the two pumps is as mentioned for the Steam Boiler hydraulic pathway and the NME and larger pumps operate on the same designs, just different sizes of components.

luvmy40 has a good place to begin checking for seals with that O-ring between the pumps exhaust fitting and over-pressure T-fitting. :) If the pump was not disassembled after removing it, then luvmy40's instincts are always quite brilliant!

Perhaps also make three or four calls for steam in succession, off on off on off on to attempt to break free/clear/move any possible blockages of any kind.

If that checks out as ok, and the pump was disassembled, might be worth considering if when the pump was being reassembled, if there was a little ball that had to be put back in? These can get a way very easily when taking a vibratory pump apart. The seals inside these vibratory pumps are formed in several spots, so each piece needs to be placed correctly. You might have to take it apart and check the components to ensure they are correctly seated.

Does this pump run continuously for more than 60 or 90 seconds?

Here's a video of what's inside a vibratory pump by YouTuber billcroslland . . .
And another video showing the internals of a vibratory pump by another YouTuber Milen Stoitsev . . .