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Post number two/deux, further thoughts on the three beeps, the theory about descale/water-hardness condition . . .

First off, this will work for your BES920XL Dual Boiler as it has the drains, where as the 900 series doesn't have the drain (I believe, someone can correct this if wrong).

I remember reading on another forum a post by someone named klund. I made some notes about his suggestions but could not find the original post. The solution klund suggested goes something like this: After a descale or other maintenance on the Steam hydraulic system sometimes attempts to use the Steam Wand will result in nothing happening except the three beeps. The two causes of this are suggested to be:
  1. A Leak in the hydraulic pathways
  2. A descale condition resulting from descaling liquid retained in a boiler
The notes I took seem to be somewhat sketchy but here's the fix suggested:
  1. Open the BES920XL Drain Valves to empty the Boilers.
  2. Empty and refill the water reservoir
  3. Turn on machine and bring the machine up to temperature
  4. Make a call for water through the Grouphead
  5. Make a call for water through hot water spout
  6. Shut the BES920XL off and let it cool down
  7. Once cool, open the drain valves and let all the water out leave the valves open for 12 to 24 hours
  8. Refill the water reservoir with clean water
  9. Shut the drain valves and turn BES920XL back on and test for function
The purpose of this appeared to be to clear the descale solution from the boilers.

A second issue seemed to suggest that the three beeps could relate to a fault in the water hardness system. Resetting the "hardness" was part of the suggestion to resolve this type of issue:
  1. Turn the Dual Boiler off
  2. Hold down the ONE CUP + POWER button together till "rSET" appears on the LCD screen and then release the buttons
  3. Press "MENU" button
  4. Choose water hardness using the up and down arrows
  5. When the right water hardness is flashing, press MENU again to save this setting
Hope this also provides some extra things to try . . . all credit to "Kevin" (aka "klund") on another forum somewhere, although I just made the notes and can't find the precise source, its a great troubleshoot pathway by klund.

moe237 (original poster)

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I will definitely be trying these out.

Just wanted to say WWWired and luvmy40: thank you for the help and thoroughness of your replies. Can't thank you guys enough.


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Breville Oracle Touch Steam Boiler Not Filling No Heat After Descale 45 Degree Tilt Solution Fix

Take a look at the thread linked above. It may only work for the oracle, but It looks easy enough to have a go just make sure.