Breville Dual Boiler steam actuator parts

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Hello, been a happy BDB user for years and have replaced many o rings and a solenoid or two. It looks like I need to replace the steam actuator assembly, or maybe just the PTFE rings near the ball, but I can't find any place that sells them. Since it looks like the BDB is being discontinued, does anyone know of a place that would still sell the parts I need? Thanks all.


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You can just flip the teflon seals inside the steam valve. There's a thread here dedicated to the steam valve maint.

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Hello, thanks for the reply. I'm aware of flipping the seals. I've flipped them twice already throughout the years. They're about done for, and also the ball and housing have a good amount of corrosion on them, which has also damaged the seals, which is why I'm looking for at least new seals, but better yet, the whole steam actuator assembly.


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Disclaimer: I have not done this repair myself, I'm just going on information posted by others here.

That said, I read extensively about the BDB before I bought mine. It was my understanding that due to the nature of PTFE those gaskets/seals can be flipped and reused indefinitely. The PTFE "molds" itself under heat and pressure so that every time you flip them the "working" surface is pretty much back to new condition. Have you checked the two long threads on the BDB? (see below)

I'm pretty sure I remember someone posting about a replacement seal that would work after enlarging the holes a little, but it really shouldn't be necessary.

Should be required reading for all BDB owners:

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