Breville Dual Boiler Leaking From Probes

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Hi everyone,
Trying to confirm if this is normal?
The opening at the top of the steam boiler probes will spray quite a bit of steam at start up. Once heated it will continue to release steam but a smaller amount.
Video attached.


Steam leaking and hissing from here:


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Time to replace all the o-rings in the steam circuit. All tubing connections, probe insulators and probe shaft seals. Don't waste your time doing only the ones that are leaking. If one leaks, the others will soon. ... UTF8&psc=1 ... UTF8&psc=1 ... UTF8&psc=1

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Yep, listen to luvmy40. It's good you caught this early before the machine begins to do odd things because you're soaking the triac board with water vapor or just plain water.

It's really not a hard job once you read the advice here. Just make sure you use hemostats to hold the clips securely when removing and locking them back in place.
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