Breville Dual Boiler leak under the driptray - Where to look?

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Here are some pics of a leak I've had on BDB 920. It's coming out the front of the machine under the drip tray on the side under the power button. When removing the drip tray can see water built up underneath. Before I open it and start investigating, thought to share and ask where to look in case anyone can get an idea just from the pics where leak may be from. I got this in 2020 as a replacement of my 2015 BDB 900, and modified it to add in brass OPV and brass pump. Leaks began shortly after mods. I did check the OPV, looks dry, pump connections looked dry, too, maybe something unrelated? Thanks!

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Curious, does it always leak, or just after making a shot.


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The water looks "coffee" it? If so, your leak might be coming from the area of the solenoid, either from the seals or an o-ring leak from one of the many hoses (maybe the back flush hose) in and around the solenoid. Once you open it up and take a look, it should be fairly obvious. Report back.
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Open the top up and move it out of the way, and see if you can spot any leaks standby or pulling.

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I occasionally have the same issue. No sign of water on the inside of the machine. I think it may be from the water flow to the drip tray from the 3 way valve possibly splashing up and over the edge of the drip tray.

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Looks like there's water on the hose that's going into the solenoid. What do you guys suggest?

Here's a video:
And here are images:


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That hose could be the source of your water under the drip tray. It's the blow off line from the 3-way. It's never under pressure. I would check it's routing. It may have slipped out and be dribbling where it should not. It should dump into the drip tray on the left hand side.

Those hoses do always look a little gross. The droplets you see are likely sticky and not water, more like oils bleeding out of the hose. Is there moisture present anywhere else inside the machine? If so, you have a leak, probably in the steam circuit somewhere.

I notice a little water under the drip tray on my BDB every once in a while. Not often and never a lot of water. I always chalk it up to laziness on my part. Waiting too long to empty the tray and sloshing when I do.

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Thanks. I interestingly enough didn't touch the hose, maybe it is sticky and not actually moisture. I'll open back up to check. One thing I was thinking, could my drip tray be the problem? As in if that blow off line's hose goes into the drip tray, which it is, is there a busted drip tray or sorts? Because the leak is on the left side of the drip tray.

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Okay, it's not the drip tray. I let it sit, filled with water, overnight on a plastic cutting board. In the morning lifted it up and it was all dry. Maybe it's what you mentioned, luvmy40:
I would check its routing. It may have slipped out and be dribbling where it should not. It should dump into the drip tray on the left hand side.
It may be that it's dumping in a way that it's missing the drip tray. Will check routing and see. Thanks!


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I've noticed water under the drip tray and it's definitely not machine leaking. It's the crappy drip tray design, unless you super carefully remove it slowly, water will sploosh out where it connects. Just move the tray by itself and not even full and watch how easily water can crest over the drip tray points.