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cmin wrote:I've noticed water under the drip tray and it's definitely not machine leaking. It's the crappy drip tray design, unless you super carefully remove it slowly, water will sploosh out where it connects. Just move the tray by itself and not even full and watch how easily water can crest over the drip tray points.
100% this.

Especially because when I checked the routing from the drip tray receiving end, I found a bunch of gunked up coffee grinds.

That larger hole had gunked coffee in it. Smaller one a bit, too. Maybe over time I wasn't emptying enough, and there was build up which made the bad drip tray design worse. I've cleaned out the grinds in both holes using an Allen key and will try this all again while emptying drip tray more often.

Let's see how this works out. Thanks, again.

P.S. What are each of those holes is the blow-off line, and what's the other hole from? Just curious.