Breville Dual Boiler leak - advice please?

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Hi everyone,

I'm new here but a long time lover of espresso and the ritual of making yourself a cup. :)

So, I've had this Breville Dual Boiler for about 6 years and I already replaced the solenoid valve once (~2 years ago).

Long story short, it started to leak from the top and pressure while brewing gets to a maximum of 5. I honestly ignored the issue for too long and finally opened her up today.

The pressure hose from the steam wand is leaking at the boiler end. I suspect this is just an o-ring replacement issue - pretty easy.

But, i guess all the steam escaping and subsequent condensation from the valve has caused rust on the solenoid valve.

So my question is - do you guys think this might be a simple fix?

1) Replace the solenoid valve
2) Replace o-ring on pressure hose

Or...can the the loss in brewing pressure be simply caused by the pressure hose leaking? And thus, I would only have to replace the o-ring.

Thank-you. Looking forward to learning here!


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Remove and inspect the solenoid, replace if damaged. Replace all the o-rings, dry the machine out with the top off for a few days, then heat her up and look for any missed leaks. If you aren't having heating issues or seeing any error codes, you should be good to go. Six years of use? It may be time for a new pump. I'd address the leaks and try it when dried out first though.

EspressoPain (original poster)

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Thank-you! Giving it a shot

EspressoPain (original poster)

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So I'm back!


I replaced a few o-rings and there's no leaks I can see.

Pressure while brewing was still at 3.

Made an OPV adjustment with a blind basket and was achieving 9 bars of pressure.

But...when I brew coffee, the most I get is 5-6 (and this using a grind setting of 4 on a breville grinder)

Think I should try replacing the solenoid again or is it something more seeeiius?


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If you are getting 9 bar with the blind filter, you should be GTG. Have you adjusted the outer burr carrier on the SGP? It's most like your grind that is limiting you now.

BTW, what beeans are using? Are they fresh?


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Could you please advise the right orings sizes used in oracle dual boiler which I think is the same with BDB.



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007 Silicone for the water/steam lines, 010 silicone for the water level probes.