Breville Dual Boiler + brass pump/opv + pulsor mod?

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Reactivating an old thread here from 2019 to ask a question about combining the Ulka 43w brass pump and the Vibimme brass OPV with the Quick Mill Pulsor.

I know on the previous thread Lance suggested that it wouldn't work because of the spacing under the triac housing. My question however is:

What if you installed the pulsor between the pump and the OPV? Since the outlet for the pulsor comes out 90° from the intake, that would change the orientation of the OPV to vertical (with the adjustment screw now conveniently facing upward).

Would that work/fit? If not, what other OPV/Pulsor combo should I try? I'm very interested in further dampening the sound from the pump. Unfortunately, I can't plumb in and go the full rotary pump mod route.

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Anything's possible. As previously discussed, it would require actually doing some work, actually moving a lot of components and it would be good to decide how you'd do it before purchasing parts that won't fit. The little Membrane Regulators in Juras/Saecos/DeLonghis are much smaller than the QuickMill Pulsor.

DaDudster (original poster)

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Yeah, I posted this question on the Coffee Afficionados Discord as well and apparently some people have already tried this idea. Consensus opinion over there is that it doesn't help with the sound, and in fact, makes it worse.


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DaDudster wrote:I know on the previous thread Lance suggested that it wouldn't work because of the spacing under the triac housing . . .
You're best off ignoring YouTube Penny-Fraction beggars who's only motive is to promote themselves at your expense while wasting your time.

You're idea sounds great DaDudster . . . there are also professional vibratory pumps, models like Fluid-o-Tech that can be hunted down, that might provide a different sound experience :) Several of Home-Barista's Site-Sponsors (Equipment) carry these impressive pumps . . . here's an example available at Stefano's Espresso Care . . .