Breville Dual Boiler BES920 - Temporary fix for leaky steam probe

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G'day all,

I saw one thread on this topic, but it was from a couple of years ago, so I thought I'd share this as a new post in hopes that it might be of benefit to anyone experiencing the same thing as I am. Link to the original thread below:

Breville BES920 persistent steam leak

I've been hearing a slight fizzling sound from my BDB lately and figured it might be a typical o-ring leak on the steam boiler. Replaced them all, fired it back up and the sound was still there. Turns out it was a slight leak from the top of the red probe on the steam boiler right where the metal rod is. There was a bit of play in it too as the ceramic outer bit slid up and down - I'm assuming that's by design though. It looks like it's designed to close when under pressure and open to allow air into the boiler once cool (maybe - don't quote me on that).

I have new probes on order, but I wanted to see if there was a temporary fix for the time being. Turns out, there just might be! Looking at the top of the probe, there's a small locking clamp above the washer that sits atop the ceramic. I popped that off gently enough with a hook tool - anything pointy that can fit in one of the notches will do so that you can pop it off. From there, the ceramic was free to slide up a bit more to reveal a small, white o-ring that sits on the ledge of the probe at the bottom of the ceramic. It seems that over time, the o-ring wears out allowing steam to sneak by it. Couldn't find the correct o-ring size and even if I did, I'd have to stretch it to get it into place which wouldn't help much. I decided to use a small, thin strip of teflon tape just wider than the o-ring - only 2 or 3 tight wraps. I put the clamp back, locked the probe in and started the machine again. It's been on for about 15mins now and no sign or sound of a leak.

I'm still going to replace the probes anyway, but I figured this cheap temporary fix might get others by as it did me :)

Thanks all & stay safe


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The probes have tiny o-rings seals on the rod at the bottom of the insulator. They are replaceable. ... ct_details

Maz (original poster)

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You legend, thanks! Might dig around and see if there's anywhere in Australia that sells these. My luck with international shipping is bad nearly every time.


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I have the same issue on my 920 bdb. It's not the o- rings but where the c clamps are. I touch them and they steam like it's no tomorrow. You mentioned these white o rings below the ceramic insulator can be replaced. I don't see how as the probes (the ones with the red wire, blue, yellow, and the one with 2 white wires can't be taken apart to take the rings out. I repeat, the o rings aren'tthe issue. Please help


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The water level probes can be taken out and the small o-ring (which is inside the boiler when the probe is installed) can be replaced by removing the above mentioned C Clip and sliding the insulator up to expose the o-ring. A wood or plastic tooth pick can be used to remove the old o-ring and install the new one.

I would highly recommend replacing all of the o-rings in the steam circuit. When one starts to leak, the others are probably not far behind.


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Do you know the part for the tiny c clips? I replaced the inner orings, but on the last probe the c clip flew off as I was putting it back on.

Team HB

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You could google for Hillman Hair Pin Clip. I hope you find some on your local Amazon. I'm only getting Canadian results, of course, because Big Google is watching. ... &gclsrc=ds

Edit: ... B00I2VDHYK (Currently out of stock, but it's a start)

Any shop that deals with Breville, Saeco, DeLonghi, Jura, Miele, or any of the little disposable brands of machines and steamers will have these around.


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rum_included wrote:Do you know the part for the tiny c clips? I replaced the inner orings, but on the last probe the c clip flew off as I was putting it back on. ... 107&sr=8-1


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luvmy40 wrote:The probes have tiny o-rings seals on the rod at the bottom of the insulator. They are replaceable. ... ct_details
Got the dreaded sensor leaks, 2 probes. But you mention bottom, the bottom is the blue 010 ring (which I have on hand to replace anyway), but aren't these tiny white ones at the top of the probe with the little e-clip? Or is there another 3rd o-ring I'm not aware of?

Would've replaced probes but looks like for others they've been out of stock indefinitely, and one company said no ETA and thinks Breville discontinued as no parts anywhere. One place won't ship to the USA so that's useless. So seems if you ended up with a damaged probe or cracked insulator these machines may be dead now. Everyone used to post Outwest but they haven't had stock in a loooooong time.